3D printed eyewear designs that were only possible in virtual reality before. With the new industrial full color printers coming into the market it is finally possible to print them.

FourDeX means 4D Expert and is my personal brand. I cross boundaries in 3D design and printing to find out all the possibilities.

visit to get an impression. Contact me on to order a sample or for commercial interest.

CLR3D – A real life print of screwless super light printed eyewear I am creating with Clear Vision Opticial USA

Print My Glasses

By scanning consumers with a mobile phone solution we manage to do a virtual fit with a cloud based platform. The customized eyewear can then be 3D printed and the result is a perfect fit lightweight high tech eyewear.

The whole process from scanning to ordering is working on an iPad Pro or an iPhone X with a build in 3D scanner. Our configurator can be opened on any device with a web browser.

Optometry Practice

I own a specialized optometry practice. We do advanced dry eye treatments and OCT laser scanning getting people from all over the country.

The commercial front end is also used as a pilot for the 3D Scan2Print retail concept.